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Using a Custom Style

Make sure the style you buy or download is in fact a NetObjects Fusion Site Style. (Hint: all the Styles in the gotFusion Store are specifically designed for NOF.)

Even if it isn't a Fusion Style, you can often use the graphic elements of styles for other web tools (such as FrontPage) to create your own custom Fusion style. See the Custom Style tutorial for more information.

Installing a custom style:

Unzip or extract the contents of the style to its own folder in x:\NetObjects Fusion\Styles.

If you want to apply the new style to your site:

  1. Open your site
  2. Switch to Style View
  3. On the menu, select Style, Synchronize Style List. The newly installed style should appear in the list.
  4. Set the new style for your site.

If the style does not appear after you Synchronize Style List, something went wrong when you extracted the style.

  • There might be something wrong with the style (e.g. it may be missing a Style.ssx file)
  • Perhaps the style was installed to the wrong folder: a common problem happens if the style is installed to
    x:\NetObjects Fusion\Styles\stylename\stylename.
  • Did all the required graphics get installed to the Images folder?

If you're still in doubt, ask about your problem in one of the gotFusion Newsgroups.

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