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How many times have you wanted to print a web page only to find that the entire right margin has been chopped off? Frustrated, you set your printer to "landscape" orientation, only to forget and later print your important documents sideways.

Web sites are often formatted to fit a 800x600 pixel page format. This is based on the screen size many users have on their monitor. Most sites do not consider that that pixel count will not accommodate 8 1/2 x 11 paper, or A4.

One of the easiest ways to print any web page regardless of size length or layout is to print it as a PDF. No, you do not need Adobe Acrobat's full version to do this. There are several software programs that are much less expensive that can do the job as eloquently as Adobe. Here are a few you can play and test with.

Jaws PDF Creator -- good functionality, easy to use, and incorporates a button from within your MS Word document to convert your Word Document on the fly. Free 14 day trial, then pdfs are "watermarked" until key is purchased.
PDF995 -- Free with banners, Key is less than $10, nice job for good price
PDF-XChange -- Multi language versions are available.
PDF Factory -- Allows bookmarking and e-mail capabilities, but not as clean on high quality graphics
(gotFusion does not specifically endorse or receive any compensation from these products.
These were just a few of the nicer PDF creators the author tried. You can search for many others)

To print your page:

  1. Install your PDF creator software. Installation will create a "Printer" that is your "PDF printer".
  2. Open the PDF creator software, and make sure the configuration is set to "Reduce Oversized Documents to fit Page" (so it will get those chopped right margins)
  3. Open document, site, etc. and select File > Print, choosing the PDF printer driver and NOT your default printer.  You may have the choice of either printing the PDF that is created, and/or saving the file for later retrieval and printing at your leisure.

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