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How do I add additional FTP accounts to my web site for others to use?


Creating Additional FTP Accounts for your Domain:

  1. Login to Helm control panel 
  2. Click on the Domains Icon
  3. Click on the Domain Name from the list of hosted domains
  4. Click on the FTP Accounts Icon
  5. Click on the Add New button in the lower right
  6. Enter the User Name for the new FTP account (do not use your primary user name)
  7. Enter a Password for the new FTP account (do not use your primary password)
  8. Re-Enter the Password to verify integrity
  9. Check the Read Write boxes if you wish to have this new account have these permissions
  10. Enter the folder you wish this new account to have access to or click the folder icon to browse to select one. NOTE:  If you leave this part blank the new FTP account will have full domain access
  11. Click the Save button in the lower right

NOTE:  This feature is for setting up additional ftp accounts in addition to your Primary FTP account to allow others to areas of your web site.  Use care if you give someone full access to all of your web site.


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