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Creating a border that surrounds your entire page in NetObjects Fusion is fairly easy.

Note: Netscape 4.x browsers will not display the borders. View the CSS Master Compatibility Chart

There are a couple of methods:

  1. Using Master borders
  2. Zero MarginsTextFormat

In this example, we are using a top and bottom Master border.

  1. Create a text object on your layout
  2. On the text box properties menu - size layout to text and contents wrap to browser width-, click "Format" Example 1
  3. Choose Border and change the highlighted section to your preferences- only apply border to "right" and "left". Example 2
  4. Create another text object in the top master border and complete steps 2 & 3 but uncheck the "bottom" border and check the "top" border. Example 3
  5. Create still another text object for the bottom master border and complete steps 2, 3, & 4 but uncheck the "top" border. Example 4
  6. Insert the graphics, etc. that you want to appear in the top and bottom master borders.

The page border created above will look like this page. Now on to a more simpler method- Zero Margins - but you will loose the master border functionality BUT using Server Side Includes can cure this issue!


Example 3

Example 4



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