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Multiple hover & link styles on a single page or site wide

In page view, go to text menu, edit text styles, choose style in site and click new, follow the instructions on the image below. (works in IE4, IE5, IE6 and NS6, NS7 and Mozilla 1.3)

Set whatever you wish, however, color is the only thing that must be set. I normally leave everything else on automatic and don't set a font size, this will let the links take on the font and size of the text that surrounds it.

After creating two:linked - Create two more custom styles:



If you need more then 2 styles, repeat the above and name  three:linked, three:visited, three:hover

Note: you must use two, three, four etc., if you use 2, 3, 4 etc., it will not work im NS7!

Now, any link in your site that you wish to apply this style to, just highlight the link, click link, click the html button on the property palette, then insert class="two" inside link tab.

This link has class="two" inserted

This link has class="three" inserted

This link has class="four" inserted

This link does not have class="2" inserted


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