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We have an entirely new look for Style View's Left Pane. It's rather similar to Windows Explorer™ in many ways.

  • If you click to select a folder, the folder contents display in the right pane.
  • If you click a + icon, the left pane's folder contents expand.
  • If you click an expanded folder item, the SiteStyle displays in the right pane. (You'll also notice that the right pane is very like NOF 7's.)

Active SiteStyles

  • Active SiteStyles are new in NOF 7.5. Items here are
  • The SiteStyle currently set for your site.
  • Possibly one or more other SiteStyles previously set for your site.

When you browse other SiteStyle areas (Local SiteStyles, Online SiteStyles, or other style areas that you can add), NOF shows you a preview of what the style looks like. If you opt to Set the selected style for your site, NOF —

  1. Copies the style into the Active SiteStyle area, and
  2. Sets your site to use that style.

The Style you were using is still in the Active SiteStyles area. You can —

  • Set your site to use any other available SiteStyle (Set Style), or
  • Remove the unused Active SiteStyle(s) (Style, Remove Unused Active SiteStyles).

Local SiteStyles

Local SiteStyles are the Styles installed by the NOF 7.5 installer, or SiteStyles that you copy, download, or install into the x:\netobjects fusion 7.5\Styles folder. With NOF 7.5, you can easily manage the available Local SiteStyles from within NOF.

To set any of the Local SiteStyles to your site,

  1. Select a Local SiteStyle
  2. Click Set Style

NOF sets the style, and copies the SiteStyle to your Active SiteStyle area.

Adding a Local SiteStyle

To add a new Local SiteStyle, you can–

  • Create a New Blank SiteStyle
  • Duplicate (and then edit) an existing Local SiteStyle (recommended)
  • Import a Template that contains a SiteStyle
  • Set a SiteStyle from Online SiteStyles
  • Use Windows Explorer or other utility to copy a SiteStyle into the x:\NetObjects Fusion 7.5\Styles\ folder structure.

This section covers the last of the above options. See also: Using Online SiteStyles.

The other ways of adding a Local SiteStyle have not changed significantly from earlier versions of NOF.

Copying or Installing a SiteStyle

The process of Copying or Installing a SiteStyle is different than with previous versions of NOF.

  • You don't have to fuss with Synchronize Style List.
  • You don't need to tamper with the Blank Site Template file.
Copying from an earlier version of NOF

To add a Local SiteStyle from an earlier version of NOF,

  1. Close NOF 7.5
  2. Open Windows Explorer
  3. Navigate to the style location (the \Styles folder below x:\NetObjects Fusion n, where n=the older NOF version number).
  4. Select the desired Style folder. (Or, press and hold CTRL while clicking to select multiple subfolders)
  5. Press CTRL+C (or, on Windows Explorer's menu, select Edit, Copy)
  6. Navigate to x:\NetObjects Fusion 7.5\Styles
  7. Press CTRL+V (or, on Windows Explorer's menu, select Edit, Paste)

The next time you open NOF 7.5, the newly copied SiteStyles will appear in the Local SiteStyles list.
Installing a custom SiteStyle

If you have a SiteStyle Zip file from the gotFusion Store or another provider,

  1. Close NOF 7.5
  2. Use WinZip or compatible utility to extract the contents to x:\NetObjects Fusion 7.5\Styles\StyleName (where StyleName is a folder name not duplicated elsewhere in the x:\NetObjects Fusion 7.5\Styles folder)

The next time you open NOF 7.5, the newly installed SiteStyle will appear under Local SiteStyles.

Deleting a Local SiteStyle

    Caution!Caution: Deleting a Local SiteStyle truly deletes the SiteStyle!

Deleting a Local SiteStyle removes the entire x:\NetObjects Fusion 7.5\Styles\ subfolder that contains the SiteStyle and all its files from your hard drive.

To permanently delete a Local SiteStyle,

  1. Select the SiteStyle in the Local SiteStyle area.
  2. On the menu, click Style, Delete SiteStyle.
  3. On the Delete Style prompt, click Yes to continue, No to Cancel.


  1. Right-click the Style in the Local SiteStyle area
  2. Select Delete SiteStyle.
  3. On the Delete Style prompt, click Yes to continue, No to Cancel.
  4. NOTE: Unless you have good backups of your styles, we do NOT recommend enabling "Don't show this warning again" on the Delete Style dialog.

Online Site Styles

What are online site styles? They are collections of SiteStyles hosted on a web server.

Out of the box, NOF 7.5 has one Online SiteStyles folder, which points to a address that hosts the online styles. To browse the Online SiteStyes,

  1. If you're not on an "always on" broadband connection, connect to the Internet
  2. Click the + icon next to the Online SiteStyles folder.

To see a representation of the style in Style View's right pane,

  • Click on the style in Style View's left pane.

Online Style View displays a "mock-up" of what the online style looks like. This is different than viewing Local SiteStyles or Active SiteStyles.

To use a particular Online SiteStyle, right click the style. You have two options:

  • Add to Active Styles
  • Set SiteStyle

Both above options do the same as in Local SiteStyles.

Online SiteStyles organize families of SiteStyles in Folders like the ones you see in Windows Explorer. For example, the A La Carte folder contains different coloured variations on the A La Carte style: A La Carte Blue-Yellow, A La Carte Green, etc.

  • To reveal the styles inside the Folder, click the Folder's + icon.


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