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Scrolling text messages can add life to your web site.
They keep your visitors returning and up to date with the latest information.

Riada Headline is an excellent applet for displaying scrolling text messages. At right is an example of Headline at work - it is displaying the instructions for adding it to your Fusion page.

Whilst Fusion provides a tool for adding Java applets to your page, it is often easier to add the applet by pasting the HTML code into a text box and adding the required Java files to your assets. This is certainly the case with Riada Headline.

All the bits and pieces required to make this applet work, as well as the instructions for placing it on your page are contained in a zip file, which you can download here.

You can download Riada Headline from the Riada website. There is a free version, which displays an advertisement when published on the web, but is otherwise fully functional.

Your browser is not Java capable or Java has been disabled.

Because the applet can read its headlines from plain text files, it is easy to provide your clients with a simple way to update the messages themselves.

Find out how HERE.

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