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Congratulations! You have purchased one of the worlds best and fastest web design tools available on the open market today.  NetObjects Fusion

As you probably already know, a product is only as good as the support system behind it is. This is where gotFusion comes in. NetObjects has acknowledged as an Official NetObjects Fusion Support and Training Group making gotFusion Extended Support Membership your best choice for NetObjects Fusion product support.

A leader in product support and customer satisfaction since 2001, gotFusion is the single largest repository for help, information, training, and tutorials covering the NetObjects Fusion web design product. With over 300 indepth tutorials gotFusion remains the best place to turn for answers to your web site design questions.

Think of gotFusion as a 400 page book on how to use the NetObjects Fusion product that is constantly updated with more pages every month. A book that instantly gives you chapters on the next release of the product without having to wait for another book to be published and having to purchase it all over again. Nowhere in print can you find this level of information about the NetObjects Fusion product and in such an easy to use, concise, and up-to-date edition as you can by reading the "gotFusion Book".

gotFusion Offers 2 Levels of Extended Product Support:


3 month Professional

The Best Of Everything (see below)


1 month Sampler

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Find Support Now. Sign up NOW for gotFusion extended product support and start receiving one on one hand holding support from some of the most experienced Fusion users around. Help is just a mouse click away.

Join Now and you will receive other free Ulead Products to enhance your graphical presentation with your purchase of a GotFusion Professional (The Best Of Everything).

100's of pages of tips, tricks and advanced tutorials

FREE! Software.   Join Now at the gotFusion professional level and receive free with your membership, a full version of Ulead's Cool3D version 3.0 and a full version of Ulead's SmartSaver Pro 2.0 software. A special gotFusion edition of KoolMoves the Flash Creation and Editing Software will also come with your Professional Level Membership and you can upgrade to the full version for only $10 from directly within the Special Edition.

"The Best of Everything"

Professional Support

3 full Months of Support

Unlimited Tutorial Access

Unlimited Helpdesk

10 Complimentary Styles

2 Charlie Haywood Templates

Free Software

KoolMoves gotFusion Special Edition Flash creation/editing software

Ulead Smart Saver Pro

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