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There will be times when the Outlook Express (OLex) news reader starts to have issues with subscribed newsgroups.   This may show up as posts having a different news server group in the News Server line and they can't be posted, sometimes your posts do not appear to show up after sending them, sometimes the group will stop responding.  These are known issues with Outlook Express.

The easiest way to clear up these type of issues is to reset the newsgroup where you are having difficulties.

Resetting a newsgroup
Resetting the Newsgroup Listing and Re-Subscribing

There may be times where a newsgroup will seemingly disappear and you will need to reset the list of newsgroups on the news server.

  • Click on the gotFusion news server in the left panel of your news reader.  The news server is the parent of the newsgroups in the listing.
  • Click the center button called Newsgroups

Show New Newsgroups

  • From the buttons on the right of the Newsgroups properties palette select Reset List

Reset Newsgroup List

  • Select the Newsgroups by either double clicking them or clicking and pressing the subscribe button.
  • When you are finished press the OK button at the button
Add New Newsgroups


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