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Getting PHP into Fusion


Other Cool Stuff

All the examples on this page can be found in the
"phpinfusion.php" page of the sample sit

How do I get my PHP code INTO Fusion?

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The Essentials

PHP in Fusion

Reading Files


Code Flow Control

To add PHP code to a NOF page, you need to enter it as "HTML" code. (Really, it means "Enter extra code of ANY type here, not just HTML, so don't get hung up on the HTML name


Draw a text box to start

Draw a Text Box then press CTRL-T

Then you can enter PHP by clicking the HTML

Or click the HTML button on the Text Properties box

or just pressing CTRL-T when inside the textbox

Enter PHP code in the

You can find your PHP code by the icons inside the textbox!

See the blut


Shortcut to opening the HTML box

Other cool stuff:

PHP code can be placed in a textbox in more than one location

PHP code can be embedded many times in a single text box

I can even embed HTML code inside PHP code.

HTML can also be embedded in PHP code

Suppose I want to use NOF's textbox formatting capabilities, you can do that too by simply making sure the PHP code is inside a formatted area. To do this, place a few spaces in the text box, highlight & format, then back up (using the left arrow) into the formatted area and the CTRL-Ting the PHP code

Take advantage of NOF formatting !

Whatch what happens when we use NOF formatting then insert PHP code inside....

When published, this box will bring a line of text that looks like this, you didn't have to repeat all the HTML font/size/space stuff:

We get this format of our string

Lesson Three - Reading Files and Images


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