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Read Files in Fusion

Display Image Files

All the examples on this page can be found in the php sample site

Open/Read Files in Fusion using PHP

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The Essentials

PHP in Fusion

Reading Files


Code Flow Control

To read or open a file in Fusion using PHP code, you would first start by drawing a text box as we have done in an earlier lesson.



There are many ways to read and format text files, This is a simple example

This line will result in the following in the browser when published

Results of PHP code above

Take advantage of NOF's formatting capabilities here too. Shortening the size of the text box will reduce the size of the file wrapping in the browser display.

Size of textbox will dictate the wrapping of the text file

The above format will looks like this:

Same results with tight wrap boundaries

A note, PHP has many many text formatting functions to provide better formatting than is displayed here. These are just the basics to get you going.

Display Images in Browser

To display images, you can to do the following:

Show an image

The results look like this in the browser:

Results of above PHP code

OK, so this is good, but what would be REALLY great would be if you could store/retrieve the text information or image and store it in a variable..... HMMMMM, well, YOU CAN by storing the filename or image name in a variable!

Next Lesson - Variables


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