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Learn the Publish View

Customizing in Publish View

Aliasing and Setting CGI-Bin

Advanced FTP

Customizing Files and Folders
in Publish View

Fusion automatically publishes sites, but sometimes hosting servers require a specific directory structure for site files. You can alter the NOF defaults for publishing to accommodate these types of requirements.

In the Publish View, you can work files and folders around by grabbing with the cursor and dragging/dropping to new locations, just like you can do in Windows Explorer. You can

  • Create new folders
  • Rename files and folders
  • Delete files and folders

NOTE: Since Fusion is a true HTML generator, it does not require any special extension or additional code, and is readable by any host server operating system or software.  Customizing this way is USUALLY not necessary and should only be done to meet some hosting need.New Folders

Rt click to show New Folder in menuTo create a new folder in the Publish View

  1. Select the location you want to add the new folder and right click your mouse, selecting "New Folder".
  2. Enter the folder name
  3. Drag and drop any files or other folders into your newly created folder

Rename Files and Folders

Rt click to show Rename in menuTo rename a file or folder:

  1. On the right ("Contents" side) of the View, select the file/folder to rename and right click your mouse, selecting "Rename"
  2. Rename the file or folder. Remember to include the extension if you are renaming a file!


TIP: You can rename any file or folder that does NOT have a black lock on it (on the left side of the View). A black lock usually means the folder contents belong to a component or other included software and is not available for edit.

Don't fiddle with locked directories

TIP: You can also rename auto-generated files. When Fusion publishes files, it will automatically generate many images, such as rollover buttons, banners, etc. These are named with the following convention: "a_filename.ext". The "a_" means the file has been automatically been generated by fusion.  (You'll notice you can only see the listing of auto-generated images in the Publish view).

Moving Files or Folders

To move a file or folder to a new location (or directory), simply highlight it with your mouse, click and hold and drag the file to the new location. Fusion will automatically update all references to the file or folder within your site for you.

You can grab, drag, & move folders or files

Delete Files or Folders

Rt click to show CUTin menuTo delete a file or Folder, select the file/folder to delete, right click your mouse, and select "Cut".




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