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Example 1

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Using all Fixed HTML in, you can layer graphics or other objects on top                      of each other throughout the page. When you used both Dynamic and Fixed HTML containers, you can only overlap thoses objects in the containter changed to Fixed HTML.

In this example (see arrows), the WOW graphic is actually overlapping this text container and the table below and the "cool" graphics is overlapping this text box.

Generally IE 4+ and NN4+ browswers can view fixed html pages correctly. Older browsers will view the pages, but with unpredictable results.

Notice that although I have this page centered using <center> in body...the Fixed Layout ignores it. Using Coolmaps -Page Align Component or Bitmotions - Page Position Component, you can center a fixed html layout page - view it here.

This is what this page looks like in page view. See example 1
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Example 1 - This is what this page looks like  in page view

This page is designed to show you how to use a page that is set to Fixed HTML Output in NetObjects Fusion.

The main page layout is set to Fixed HTML, as is the table (set to Columns) and the nested Layout  container that houses the graphics.

box example