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There is only one palette in Site View


The Page Properties tab

Page Properties paletteOn the Page Properties tab you can change the Page Name that NetObjects Fusion uses in site structure to identify each page and writes as the page HTML file. Use unique page names to avoid problems with links and duplicate page names that may conflict depending on your publish method

The Page Title is what is written to the < title > tag in the HTML document Always use a descriptive sentence for your page titles as these will be displayed on the browser title bar and some search engines use the page title in the listing of sites. More weight is given to a page title for search engine placement than other parts of the document.  Note: Fusion uses the page name as the default for title but you can and should edit this after creating any new page.

MasterBorders can be changed on the Page Properties palette but they must be created in site view.

Custom Names

Custom Names sub paletteThe Custom Names button will bring up the Custom Names sub palette. The name of the Navigation Button and the page Banner can be changed in the input boxes. By default the Page Name is written to Page Title Navigation button and Banner properties.  You can have up to 2 lines of text on a Banner or Button, press the Enter key on your keyboard to go to the 2nd line. Change the File Extension from the drop down box or directly enter another one such as php or cfm or shtml. Changes made to the file extension at this location override the default settings you have made in Publish View.  This is where you would make a change to one page only. Fusion uses the page name you enter when creating a page as the default button and banner name. You should edit this after creating any new page

Page Management Properties tab

Page Management Properties paletteThe Page Management tab has check boxes for Page Status

Page marked Done and Don't PiublishPutting a check in the Done box will place a white check mark in the top bar of the Page Icon.  Use this to keep track of which pages are finished.  That way you can look at the site structure and tell at a glance what pages still need to be worked on.

When the Don't publish check box is checked that page will not be created but all clld pages under it will be generated, pages marked Don't publish will have a red dot in the top bar of the page icon.  For a tutorial on the usefulness if this feature see my Hiding Pages from the fly out menu tutorial.

The Comments section is for any comments you wish to note on this page.  Comments are not part of the HTML document and are only visible in NetObjects Fusion on this palette

Setting Custom Colors

There are two Color buttons on this Page Management Properties palette, both of these buttons bring up the NetObjects Fusion Color Picker.  The top button User defined, sets a color for one page.  This if for keeping track of or grouping pages for better site organization.  The second Color button sets a color across MasterBorders.  All MasterBorders will show with the color you pick for the page that is represented by the palette color. This is good for telling which pages use which MasterBorder at a glance.  User defined color is the default display.  To switch to MasterBorder Color display from the Menu bar select View > Page Color Coding > MasterBorder

Color Picker Palette

Meta Tags Properties Palette

Site Properties Meta Tag palette

On the 3rd tab of the Site Properties palette you will find one of the meta tag entry points.

There is a compete tutorial on using this properties palette that you can review

Besides being able to enter meta tags in the Site Properties Meta Tag palette you can also enter meta tags via MasterBorder and Layout HTML insert locations.

There is a complete tutorial on how to enter site meta tags using this method available on gotFusion.



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