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Background: Why use CuteFTP Pro instead of Fusion's built-in remote publish feature?

More reliable

A premium FTP program like CuteFTP will just work with all standard web servers.
Exception: GeoCities and other freebee hosts that make you use their site management tools. With those, you have to local publish and use their web transfer utilities.

More control

When all you have changed is text on a single page:

  • NOF wants to send everything all over again, all the NavBar Buttons, banners, page background, inline images, the works.
  • With manual FTP, all you need to do is send the html file that makes up the page.
  • If all you change is a single inline image on one page, all you need to upload is the html file and one image file.

Easier long-term site maintenance

Using only NOF's remote publish, your host will soon get cluttered with old site assets no longer used by the site. Yes, you can use the Publish View, Publish, View/Delete Server Contents to manage the old files.
You will that find CuteFTP's dual display of local and remote files is far easier to use.

Better yet, you can use CuteFTP Pro's Synchronize feature to make sure your web server has exactly what you see in your Local Publish folder.


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