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If you like the wrapping layout style of the last page we created, you can use it as a Master Layout for new pages. You can do this with just a few clicks and keystrokes.

  1. Switch to Site View.
  2. Rename the Rounded Table Wrapper page to Master Layout.
  3. On Page Properties' 2nd tab, set Don't publish (Figure .
  4. Press CTRL+C.
  5. Click your home page to select it.
  6. Press CTRL+V.
  7. A copy of the Master Layout page appears with the other pages in the site.
  8. Rename the copied Master Layout to whatever new page name you need.

If you open the new page, you will see that it is identical to the original, but that a navigation bar button and banner contain the new page name. It's almost like a Fusion MasterBorder – thus the term Master Layout.

Now that you know how to use a Master Layout, you can build entire sites with pages that wrap to the browser width. Create several different Master Layouts for use in different sections of your site project.

Try different table arrangements and cell combinations. For instance, try this:

  1. Start a new blank page
  2. Set it up with a zeromargins masterborder and text box set size to layout and wrap to browser.
  3. Insert three one-column tables, all set to Left Wrap alignment.
  4. Set the left and right tables to Fixed Width.
  5. Set the one in the middle to Relative Width.

With a little extra playing around with different cell split/merge operations, nested tables, table backgrounds, etc. you can achieve some very flexible designs.

The main idea is to experiment and have fun with this.

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